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Creating a feedback tool for bloggers

Hey there! And welcome to this first post on the PollPilot blog, where I share product updates and other thoughts on collecting feedback on the web.

Earlier this year, I started developing a small tool that would allow me to collect feedback on my coding blog.

The problem with existing polling tools

Why didn't I use any of the existing form builders out there, you may ask?

Most of the existing solutions out there had one of the following issues that didn't fit my use case:

Focus on one-time surveys (like TypeForm or Google Forms).

  • No focus on embedding polls
  • No analytics for multiple blog posts
  • Out-of-date design

I was looking for a tool that would allow me to ask my audience the right questions to see how they perceived my content and what they wanted to read more about.

Analytics already give you a good insight into your blog posts' performance in terms of page views and other metrics, but how do you actually tell if your readers like what they read? Surprisingly, they are willing to give you that information if you just ask .

The solution

I built a solution to that problem to embed short questions, polls, and reactions into my website.

Reactions and polls can then lead to follow-up questions to ask for more details, including an email address if you want to reach out to them for more feedback.

An example of how I use reactions on my blog. I also added a poll to the sidebar of my posts where readers can vote and propose on new topics.

Understanding reader sentiment On the backend, I'm able to get an overview of the answers as well as reading individual responses.

This information allows you to see what content might need improvement or what people want to learn more about.

The future

So, what comes next?

I plan to expand the analytical dashboard to help you make sense of the data at a glance. I also plan to add more embeddable widgets that add an interactive element to my content.

Other ideas include:

  • More widgets 🪀
  • Better analytics 📊
  • Monetization for blog owners 🤑
  • But most importantly, I want to open the project to the very first users.

If you want to be one of them, you can sign up below!

Upon signing up, I will reach out to you to give you free access to the application.

By being an early-adopter, you'll be able to shape the future of the product and benefit from future benefits and discounts once the project is open to everyone.

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