Ask your audience what you want to know at the right time.

Looking at your analytics will only bring you so far.

By asking for feedback, you will understand what your audience thinks about your content.

A reaction is worth a thousand words...

Get quick feedback through reactions that tell you how your audience feels in real-time.

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Get the full picture

Analyze the responses of your polls over time and get a detailed list of all responses with emails on the analytics page.




Get contextual feedback for your content and features.

You can follow up with more detailed questions.



Create simple and good-looking embeddable polls to get feedback and interact with your audience.



The embedded polls have a small footprint and don't load until your page has finished loading.

Your website will load as fast as always.


Poll Chains

Chain multiple polls together to get a more detailed idea of what your users are thinking.


Collect Emails

Add an email form after a poll or reaction that collects subscribers for your newsletter.


Shape the future

This product is still in the making.

As an early adopter, you don't only support the creator, but you'll also get exclusive discounts and be able to give valuable feedback that will define how the product evolves.

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